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Autumn Bingo Play 2001


For those of you who have never played before, dont worry it´s eazy peazy to get started. Bingo is a number game which involves striking off numbers from a card.The numbers are called at random to the player and the first player to strike off all his numbers first is the winner. One of the most popular bingo games is the traditional 90 number bingo,this game card has 3 rows and 9 columns. In each of the rows you will have 5 numbers from 1-90, the rest of the squares will be left blank. You will have three chances to win. The first chance the players will fill a single line . the second chance you will fill two lines. The final most exiting game will be a full house, which is sometimes known as a blackout or a cover all.

There are many variations of this light hearted and enjoyable game. If you want to keep up to date with what´s going on dont forget to read all the weekly updated news pages.

Everyone has heard of bingo but how many of us have actually played bingo? Well, at the last count 19,673,902,517 since the game was invented. Bingo was not just a game to win a few pennies but more of a social event where mostly women went for the weekly or bi-weekly gossip when the men were out for a few beers.

Bingo began in the 1530's way back before the invention of color. The use of only two different colored balls (black and white) made the game of bingo fairly boring. The bingo caller would always shout out "black three or white 22" and would constantly get bombarded by cabbages and other fruit for making the game of bingo quite tedious.

Thanks to an unnamed gentleman from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada in the mid 1960´s, color was invented and given to the world. I bet that was a shock to the system for so many. With color now established in the world, bingo started to be one of the greatest past times for millions.

Bingo halls began popping up all over the world and in another place called England where little, old, blue haired creatures went to have some fun, chat and try to win a few pounds so they could put something on the table, usually a hoola hoop or a spinning top. Some even managed to put a plump egg on the table for all to eat.

Bingo was probably one of the most played games and there were thousands of bingo halls all over the country. Everyone was playing bingo. Bingo began to slow down in the 1980´s as many people began doing other activities but over the last decade more and more people have returned to play that all famous game of bingo. It has become so popular that today you can now play bingo online, which means on the internet, a computer if you like.

Everyone loves bingo no matter what they say and most people have at least played a game or two. With the invention of the internet, bingo is more accessable than ever with more people playing online bingo everyday. Not only can you play bingo in an online bingo site but they also have extra games for you to enjoy too. Also getting in on the act are the many online casino who provide fun bingo games for you to play in their casinos. One of my favorite online casino bingo games is Pop Bingo which has a top jackpot prize of $1.000.000 now hows that for playing a game of bingo!

If you haven´t played for a while and are feeling a little rusty, take a look at the bingo lingo chart provided to help you with all the calls you´re going to come across. Don´t worry if you don´t know them all to start with it might take a little practice whilst playing but it will be loads of fun when you get the knack , especially in the chat rooms where you´ll make tons of friends.


1. Kelly’s Eye

2. One Little Duck

3. Cup of Tea

4. Knock at the Door

5. Man Alive

6. Tom Mix

7. Lucky 7

8. Garden Gate

9. Doctors Orders

10. Tony’s Den

11. Legs Eleven

12. One Dozen

13. Unlucky for Some

14. Valentines Day

15. Young and Keen

16. Sweet Sixteen

17. Dancing Queen

18. Coming of Age

19. Goodbye-Teens

20. One Score

21. Key of the Door

22. Two Little Ducks

23. Three and Me

24. Two Dozen

25. Duck and Dive

26. Pick and Mix

27. Gateway to Heaven

28. Over Weight

29. Rise and Shine

30. Dirty Gertie

31. Get up and Run

32. Buckle my Shoe

33. Dirty Knee

34. Ask for More

35. Jump and Jive

36. Three Dozen

37. More than Eleven

38. Christmas Cake

39. Steps

40. Naughty Forty

41. Time for Fun

42. Winnie the Pooh

43. Down on your Knees

44. Droopy Drawers

45. Halfway There

46. Up to Tricks

47. Four and Seven

48. Four Dozen

49. PC

50. Half a Century

51. Tweak of the Thumb

52. Danny La Rue

53. Stuck in the Tree

54. Clean the Floor

55. Snakes Alive

56. Was she worth it

57. Heinz Varieties

58. Make the, Wait

59. Brighton Line

60. Five Dozen

61. Bakers Bun

62. Turn on the Screw

63. Tickle Me 63

64. Red Raw

65.Old Age Pension

66. Clickety Click

67. Made in Heaven

68. Saving Grace

69. Either Way Up

70 Three score & Ten

71. Bang on the Drum

72.six dozen

73. Queen B

74. Candy Store

75. Strive & Strive

76. Trombones

77. Sunset Strip

78. Heavens Gate

79. One More Time

80. Eight & Blank

81. Stop & Run

82. Straight On Through

83. Time for Tea

84. Seven Dozen

85. Staying Alive

86. Between the Sticks

87. Torquay in Devon

88. Two Fat Ladies

89. Nearly There

90. Top of the Shop


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